Let large and small companies, exhibition and congress venues, and your workplaces explode with green hope. Let's show that we are, that we are preparing events and waiting in the starting blocks for our industry to unfreeze, and above all for Participants, Exhibitors and Visitors!

The participation in the action has already been declared by: MTP Poznan Expo, MTG SA Gdańsk International Fair Co, Targi w Krakowie, Ldt., Kielce Trade Fairs. Join us. You cannot miss it! Please confirm your participation in the event at: info@polfair.com.pl. In the title, please write: "Green light for the industry". Let share with us photos of your highlighted facilities and any comments that we will place on the Chamber's social media channels.

Please share the information about our "Green Light for Industry" event. The more of us, the more visible we will be! Remember to add hashtags: #backtobusiness #zieloneswiatlodlabranzy.