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Barbara PłuciennikProject Manager / Team Leader

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Paulina RembiszewskaEvent Manager
  • szeregowe (1).png

    Standard booth

    2 types of stands

    An economical solution, fully equipped, in a row or corner configuration.

    Asset 11xhdpi.svg [866.00 B]

    Fully completed and equipped

    Asset 25xhdpi.svg [1.38 KB]

    Will also work well for a smaller budget
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  • premium.png

    Premium booth

    1 type of stand

    A building that will distinguish the company and attract the attention of customers.

    Asset 11xhdpi.svg [866.00 B]

    Higher construction with backlit elements

    Asset 1xhdpi.svg [1.33 KB]

    Stand covered with graphics
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  • powierzchnia-zabudowana.png

    Built-up space

    1 type of stand

    The building without equipment for any arrangement, any configuration, the minimum area is 3sqm.

    Asset 11xhdpi.svg [866.00 B]

    Stand with walls and plugged-in media

    Asset 21xhdpi.svg [1.01 KB]

    Customized arrangement inside the stand
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  • special booth.png

    Special space

    1 type of stand

    Our company comprehensively deals with the design and construction of custom stands. Please feel free to contact us for a free quote and custom booth design.

    Asset 20xhdpi.svg [1.56 KB]

    Attracts the most attention from customers

    Asset 21xhdpi.svg [1.01 KB]

    (almost) free space arrangement
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  • non built up.png

    Non built-sp space

    1 type of stand

    This is the so-called "bare space" for which it is mandatory to order the necessary utilities (such as connecting electricity). 

    Asset 11xhdpi.svg [866.00 B]

    The space itself without buildings and utilities

    Asset 16xhdpi.svg [817.00 B]

    For companies that have their own stand or for special stands
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