Iran pavilion at KOMPOZYT-EXPO® 2023. What are the characteristics of the market and what companies will be exhibiting at the stand?


For sure, the 12th edition of KOMPOZYT-EXPO® will be very international! Companies and experts from all over the world are signing up to participate in the fair and the conference.

At least 6 technology companies from Iran will be exhibiting in the national pavilion. We asked our exclusive agent for the Iranian market - Mohammad Philsouph - about the development of composites in Iran, the companies that will present at the fair and what they want to achieve at this year's event. We cordially invite you to read the short article and meet Iranian companies already on 4-5 October at EXPO Krakow.

Products in Polymers and Composites in Iran

Due to the development of the petrochemical industry as the origin of the production of many polymers and composites in Iran, as well as the reliance of other industries on this industry, the foundations for the growth of much knowledge-based technologies and products has been provided in it. Products have been collected that can be divided into the following categories:

  1. Plastics and related products
  2. Rubbers and related products
  3. Polymer composites

Since most polymer materials (including plastics and rubbers) are produced through oil processing and the fact that oil extraction and processing are one of the largest and oldest industries active in Iran, plastics and rubber manufacturing industries are also among the industries, in which Iran has a relative advantage. Therefore, the production of polymers and polymer composites has been significantly growing in the past few decades because processing and creating added value in extracted crude oil have always been considered by Iranian industrialists and policymakers.

According to the reports of the Central Bank, the share of the industry sector in the GDP is about 26%. In relation to the position of advanced materials, it can be said that Iran’s petrochemical industry is the producer of raw materials needed to produce polymers and composites, and other industries such as electricity, steel, construction, automobiles, etc. are either the processors of polymers or consumers.

In addition, polymers and polymer composites have a special place in Iran's exports. In the last few years, about 11,500 million dollars, which comprises about 15 percent of Iran's total export has been allocated to the field of chemical intermediates, a significant part of which is specific to polymers and polymer composites. Considering the availability of the primary resources required to produce chemical intermediates in Iran (which also include polymers and polymer composites are part of it), as well as the dependence of other industries on this field, the foundations for the growth of much knowledge-based technologies and products have been provided in it. This process is currently under way owing to the activity of more than 650 Iranian knowledge enterprises and the supply of more than 1100 technological products. Paying special attention to creation of added value in technology chains related to oil extraction and the development of downstream petrochemical industries has caused the activity of knowledge-based companies that produce chemical intermediates including polymers and polymer composites to be accompanied by significant growth in recent years. This statement can be proved considering that this field comprises about 10% of the volume of Iran›s knowledge-based production and employment.

Finally, regarding the export of knowledge-based products of this field, it is worth mentioning that a total of 845 million dollars’ worth of products produced by knowledge-based companies active in the field of chemical intermediates have been exported outside Iran in the last 5 years.

What kind of companies are presenting in Krakow?

We have talked with various type of composite companies in Iran, but after our market research We conclude the following categories and trying to present companies in these categories:

  • Composite products
  • Gelcoats & Coatings
  • Glues, Putties, Adhesives
  • Resins
  • Raw materials

What are your goals to achieve by becoming exhibitors at KOMPOZYT-EXPO®?

We are generally seeking to develop trade relations with Poland because we are aware that the current level of trade between our two countries is not satisfactory. Poland has made significant advancements in the fields of technology and industry, which we highly commend.
In this exhibition, we are looking to exchange knowledge and technology, and we would be delighted to see European and Polish companies establish working and technological partnerships together.


Mohammad Philsouph, exclusive KOMPOZYT-EXPO® agent for the Iranian market