KOMPOZYT-EXPO® is one of the most important events in the composite materials industry in Poland and Central and Eastern Europe. It simplifies to get new contacts that will be very helpful in the new economic situation. The new date and the opportunity to participate in several events at the same time will allow finding numerous customers and business partners, expand knowledge and exchange experiences. We will make every possible effort to hold KOMPOZYT-EXPO® at the new date, but also to make it a supreme-level event.

Not only will the trade show provide the opportunity to meet customers and business partners, the opportunity to exchange experiences and ideas on how to run a business in a new economic situation. This expo will also offer comprehensive promotional support for exhibitors. Polish and foreign media coverage, participation in radio and television shows, on-line advertising campaigns and at the exhibition grounds - this and much more available at the expo.

We are truly convinced that you will demonstrate an understanding of the situation we are all facing. We do hope you will also be involved in the developing KOMPOZYT-EXPO® - the largest industry meeting in the region held on a new date.  Trade fairs were, are and will be a place where we can discuss, discuss the current situation, and above all, acquire business partners. We wish that all of you.