So what should be taken care of first? The stand, of course!

Choosing the right location and type of stand is the most important issue you need to decide. Fortunately, you don't have to do it on your own - our team is always happy to help you choose the best option, but it's worth getting acquainted with the available options beforehand.

Analyze the hall plan and consider where your stand should be located. The middle of the hall, being the main "corridor" usually guarantees quite a large number of Visitors, however, if you want longer and quiet conversations with customers and a comfortable presentation of your products - it is worth considering a place a little further away.

Building! Here you have several options to choose from, starting with the simplest, economical booth with basic equipment, ending with a special booth designed completely according to your vision.

You can find a description of the available booth variants with detailed equipment here.

If you are a small company and are just starting your adventure with trade fairs - an economy stand will be perfect for you! But let's not kid ourselves, special stands attract the most attention - well-lit, with clear branding of the company and tempting smell of freshly brewed coffee! Certainly, an investment in positive impressions of your guests is a good investment!

Well, you already have a location and a booth. But what will you show on it?

If you have one or a few products in your offer, problem solved. However, if your offer consists of hundreds or thousands of products - you need to choose your trade show offerings wisely. Usually you yourself know best which of your products are selling best at the moment, but don't ignore the analysis of current trends or the thematic scope of the trade show. It's also worth tracking the accompanying program - perhaps part of your offer fits perfectly into this theme, which will further interest visitors.
Trade fairs are also an ideal time to launch new products - take this into account when planning your strategy!

Make sure you have a great team to present your company's offer!

An incredibly important issue is which employees you send to represent your company at the fair. First and foremost, they must be people who know the company's offerings perfectly and can match your solutions to visitors' problems. However, expert knowledge is not enough if the exhibitors' behavior and attitude do not encourage interaction. Remember to be proactive and accessible to your potential customers. If you stare at your phone in boredom (and, unfortunately, such a sight happens at trade fairs) visitors are more than likely to simply ignore your booth.

And a very serious piece of advice... don't forget your business cards! ;)

Ensure effective promotion BEFORE the trade show

Usually during an event, the social media of the trade show and exhibitors explode from the number of publications - and great! However, some of this energy should be spent on effective promotion BEFORE the event, so that as many people as possible can learn about the event and plan to attend. A well-organized event that becomes a "showcase" for the fair and an opportunity for the exhibitor to expand its audience will require the involvement of two parties - both the fair and the exhibitor.
What promotional activities before the trade show can you do?

  • Fill out your business card in the electronic exhibitor catalog! Do this as soon as you register for the fair.

  • Create an event on Facebook and/or LinkedIn, add the trade show organizer as a co-organizer and invite your network of contacts to participate! This way, event attendees will get notifications whenever you publish an event on Facebook and it will be visible on their calendar on LinkedIn.

  • Record a short video of your stand invitation. Talk about the most interesting products you will present and why it is worth attending the event. Then share the video on your social media - the organizer will be happy to share the video further on their channels. Let visitors associate you and your company even before the fair!

  • Send an invitation newsletter to your customer bases and add an invitation banner to your email footer! Trade fairs are a fantastic opportunity to meet your customers, introduce them to your entire offer and expand your cooperation. Your customers will certainly appreciate the invitation and the opportunity to meet you in person. Exhibitors very often emphasize the importance of just these face-to-face meetings in building trust and strong relationships.

  •  Include your employees in your social media promotional activities, especially on LinkedIn! You might be surprised how many industry representatives they have among their friends. Ask them to share posts promoting your presence at the trade show or invite your network of contacts to the event you created earlier.

Why promote your presence at a trade show?

You are sending a signal to your contractors, colleagues and competitors that you are participating in the fair. You show that your company is thriving, following the changes and has a lot to offer, and you won't let your competitors get ahead of you.

By acting promotionally enough in advance, you generate interest in your offerings, and you give contractors time to plan a visit and visit your booth at the fair.

Remember that when planning your trade show events, you can always count on the help of a trade show organizer who has a lot of knowledge and experience, and knows what steps to take to ensure excellent attendance and visitor interest for your exhibitor.

If you have any questions - do not hesitate to contact us!