Welcome to Krakow

Not without reason is Kraków considered one of the most attractive and fashionable cities in Europe. The old capital city of Poland, it is mentioned alongside such beautiful cities as Vienna, Prague, Venice, Paris or Istanbul. Kraków is the jewel in the crown of Polish identity, at the same time being a modern and friendly city with rich traditions, boasting one of the most beautiful market squares in the world and well-developed hotel and gastronomic infrastructure. Within the Old City there are hundreds of restaurants and pubs, which during the day attract customers with their unique cuisine, and at night become Europe’s largest entertainment centre.

It is a living city and it is open to all. Kraków uniquely combines all the elements considered the most important for organisers of various meetings: tradition and modernity, interesting culture, central European location, developed communications network and large hotel infrastructure. The city is a dream destination for business trips.

In recent years a considerable increase in the number of investments has been reported, in particular in the office market segment, greatly influenced by activities of companies within the BPO/SSC sector. Currently, the supply of office property in Kraków is one of the largest among Polish regional cities.