Advertising services

Advertising offer

Below you will find an advertising offer with which you can promote your presence both before the fair and during the event.

However, if you don't know which option to choose or have a specific budget to use - write to us! We will advise you on the best options or create a personalised offer tailored to your needs and possibilities.

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Online promotion before the fair

Reach visitors through our online channels! Choose one or more of the following options.

Offer for exhibitors only.

    • promocja-linkedin_20221212114848.jpg

    LinkedIn and Facebook post + news on the website

    1000 PLN netto
    • banner newsletter.PNG

    Banner in the newsletter to the visitor base

    1000 PLN netto
    • banner-reklamowy.PNG

    Rotating banner on the homepage

    2000 PLN/mont netto

Advertising at trade shows

Take advantage of the space in the EXPO Krakow building and attract visitors to your booth.


    • smycze.png

    Badge-holder laynard

    Have your logo printed on the lanyards that each attendee will wear along with their trade show badge!

    The lanyards are provided by the customer. Volume to be determined individually.

    This is an exclusive offer.

    2500 PLN netto
    • identyfikator.png

    Acces badges - reservation

    We will put your company logo on the reverse side of each trade show badge. The badges will be prepared for visitors, exhibitors, press and VIP guests.

    This is an exclusive offer.

    4000 PLN netto
    • distribution.png

    Distribution and exposure of advertising material to exhibitors and visitors

    Distribution of advertising materials (gadgets, notepads, nets, brochures) at the trade fair venue.

    We will hand out your materials to participants at the fair reception and display them at press points and on stands at participant registration points.

    This is a limited offer - for a maximum of 3 companies. Sequence of applications is decisive.

    2500 PLN netto
    • dystrybcja.png

    Exposure of advertising materials in the media area

    We will display your materials (gadgets, notebooks, bags, brochures) in the media areas of the exhibition hall.


    800 PLN netto
    • podloga-naklejkaa.png
    • podloga-naklejka.png

    Floor stickers

    Get found! We will deploy floor stickers in the shape of your choice from the main entrance to your booth.

    The stickers are made by the fair organizer. Maximum sticker size: 30cm x 30cm.

    This is a limited offer for 2 companies. Sequence of applications decides.

    to be agreed netto
    • rollup.png

    Exposure of boards, banners, roll ups on the area of the EXPO Krakow

    Placed at the main routes of the venue, banners, boards, roll ups (dimensions and location to be agreed) are a good form of advertising that will not go unnoticed by visitors.

    420 PLN/sqm netto
    • tv.png

    Televisions in the lobby and restaurant of EXPO Krakow

    Record a 45-second video spot and attract visitors to your booth! We will display the spot 5 times a day on TVs located in the lobby and in the restaurant.

    This is an alternative form of promotion also for companies not participating in the fair.

    800 PLN netto
    • s-10.png

    Stickers on mirrors in restrooms

    You are sure that this advertisement will be seen by every visitor :)

    Size of stickers to be determined. Price includes the cost of production, installation and removal.

    2000 PLN netto
    • dystrybcja.jpg

    Self-distribution of advertising material

    Distribution of advertising material (leaflets, brochures) on the fairground on your own.

    1600 PLN netto

Advertising in front of the EXPO Krakow building

Present yourself to visitors even before they enter EXPO Krakow.


    • banner.png

    A large format banner at the façade of EXPO Krakow

    The most exclusive outdoor advertising segment for special occasions! There can be only a few such boards, so there is no fear that your company's message will be lost in the flurry of other information.

    Project provided by the client.

    Price includes printing, installation and removal of the banner.

    Advertising size: 6mx6m.

    6000 PLN netto
    • flagi.png

    Advertising flags

    Such advertising is impossible to miss! Flags are the perfect way to mark your presence at EXPO Krakow.

    We provide you with six 100cm x 400cm or 120cm x 400cm masts located in front of the venue. Printing is provided by the ordering party according to the organizer's guidelines.

    650 PLN netto
    • oferta-promo.png

    Advertising on the car park fencing at EXPO Krakow

    An advertising banner on the fence mesh around the facility will be perfectly visible to both pedestrians and drivers.

    Esthetic, made of good quality materials, advertising banners can be up to 10 m long!

    Dimension of a single banner: 1.7 m x 2.40 m.

    Project provided by the client.

    Price includes printing, installation and removal of the banner.

    1000 netto
    • drzwi-naklejka.png

    Stickers above the main entrance

    Say hello to everyone who enters EXPO Krakow. We will paste your advertisement on the center panels, doors and overhead

    Design provided by the client according to the organizer's guidelines. Price includes the cost of production, assembly and disassembly.

    3000 PLN netto